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Scott Edgar is a writer with more than ten years' experience in creating content for websites. His focus is on simple, effective, clear and concise writing.

Scott Edgar is a writer with over a decade of experience in writing for the web. With a focus on clear, concise writing, many thousands of visitors to websites have enjoyed his articles. It is a writing style that not only makes for a pleasurable read but also helps websites rank highly in leading search engines.

Beginning in the year 2000, Scott began writing music reviews for online music magazines. These included Alternative Ulster, B.B.C. Across The Line, and the now-defunct Drop-D Irish Music Magazine. In 2010, he launched Folk and Tumble, creating an online portal for all things folk, Americana, country, and Blues.

Since then, Scott Edgar has diverged into writing on several differing topics. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, much of his writing now features on the popular WartimeNI website. With Scott at the helm, the website has become a well-respected and high ranking portal of local history from 1939-1945.


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